icon 1982
First  Aquarium with discus

icon 1984
First Visited to Amazon search Wild Discus

icon 1985
First Breading of the first couple and discus

icon 1992
First trip Malasya, Thailandia Singapore and Asian discus breeders

icon 1995
First company (Seller) HugoDiscus Ltd. in Portugal

icon 1997
Primiera company dedicated only to the import of Discus from all over the World

icon 1998
First Web Site about Portuguese Discus www.hugodiscus.com.br , First time in Wild discus Duisburg Competicion

icon 1999
First lecture on discus, and maintenance scription in Porto, Portugal conducted by theGerman brand Sera Didier Undergrasser who wrote books such as Discus Health

icon 2000
First Present in World Championship Discus with a 5th in class and Brown 8th Place in a Red Class Form

icon 2001
Second tour Malasya to meet new breeders and exporters of Discus. Also to Germany

icon 2002
Second in the presence of Discus Championship

icon 2003
Several lectures Discus fold in Portugal

icon 2004
Participiacao Hugodiscus company in various international fairs. Opening of Store No. 2 in Cascais, Lisbon named Discus World. Present in the Third World Discus Championship in Duisburg with 9º place in Red Form class

icon 2005
Founder of the First Portuguese Retailer Magazine Aquamania

icon 2006
Travel to Brazil to work company in HK export company

icon 2007 to 2008
Worked in various companies of Export and FCC, Project Arapaima in Belem and Santarem Ornamental
Discus In Santarem

icon 2008
Dezember Open the Export Company in Brasil Santarem Discus

icon 2009
Visit in Hong Kong and China same difference breaders discus

icon 2009 -2011
More than 100 expeditions through the Amazon in search of new species of wild discus. Export to more than 10 country our quality wild discus

icon 2010
Building the new Farm Santarem Discus

icon 2012
Arvert France Discus Competition . Invited for Yulefang Company and  Santarem Discus Distributor to China , Cheng Du , also to made a lecture to Chinese breeders . Visited Tropical Farm , Visit the best Wholesalers in Hong Kong and my good friend and the best breeder in HK , Wayne Ng

icon 2013
Visit Thailand and our  Santarem Discus Distributor Kar Kar Unifarm , export to Portugal , Nutripet Company , visit again Kong Kong and Macau Discus Market

icon 2014
Present in Interzoo in Tropical Stand to promove the first Gran for Wild Discus in the World with Santarem Discus Staff . Made the record to export for more than 23 countries in the World , like Mauritius Island . Made a partnership with Tropical Brand to all shops who sell Tropical . Visit Miami