Few have the notion of how difficult is all the process that’s the capturing, selection and transporting the fishes to our company from distant places, with incredibly difficult access. Many, when watching their fishes in the aquariums, cannot imagine the long journey that the fishes did, before reaching their final destination. By these photos you can see that transportation is done through different ways. There are places where we collect fishes, which have no roads and the fishes can only be transported by boat or by an oxcart. Others, by bus and afterwards by boat and finally by car until they arrive to our company. A long and time consuming process, that requires the greatest care and attention, not to have any kind of mortality of the fishes, when you take them from their natural environment, and this has been one key element of our success. Naturally, it took many days, weeks, months and years to discover these different places, some unique that no one had ever collected fish, and in many of them, because the accesses are virtually impossible. The pictures say more than any words.

For over more than 8 years, we have navigated through countless Amazonian rivers. From the small Igarapés to the Great Lakes, we have done hundreds of trips, hours of diving, searching for new Wild Discus.

For the many that never came to Amazon, let me clarify that, in the immense Amazon, we still have hundreds of distinct Wild Discus to be discovered. A lot of people talk about sustainability and we respect, but the reality is a different thing. Santarém Discus, does not collect fishes in saturated places, where a lot of fishermen go fish since always.

Every year we try to find new places to collect fishes and this makes the difference between us and other exporters of Discus. We do not use false names of communities because most of them are exclusive to our company regarding the collection of Wild Discus Fishes. Every year, we negotiate in advance the exclusivity with the communities. We try to collect fishes only every two years in these communities. Many think that all the fishes collected are transported to our company, what in reality does not happen. The difference between our company and the competitors is evident here, because only around 15 to 30% of the fishes are effectively selected. Only after this selection they are indeed transported to our company. Later, solely after a rigorous quarantine, they are ready for export. Our knowledge of over 30 years working with Discus in Europe, where we observed and created thousands of Wild Discus and Hybrids, allows us to select the best fishes, among hundreds, in order to provide a unique quality in the Wild Discus market.

Trip from the community to our Company

One of the key-factor that prevents fish’s mortality on these trips is the fishes repose. After collected, they should rest, at least, 3 days in a box, usually on the bank of the river or “Igarapé” (stream). From our own experience, the great majority of fishes caught and packed with oxygen, will die. We believe that the major cause of mortality of these fishes is the stress they suffer. We do not carry (or join) fishes on “Basquetas”, although many exporters still do, but this is an archaic and wrong way of doing it. Fishes are transported individually in large plastic bags with Oxygen. Often, in places where access is practically impossible, we have to use horse wagons or ox wagons to transport the fishes between the place where they were captured and the boat that transports them to our Company. Many of these trips may take between 24 to 40 h.

After arriving to our company and after being adapted to the new water with Ph and similar chemical characteristics of the water from which they were collected, the fish are photographed one by one by our staff. The photographs will be available to our customers. Then, the fishes are quarantined, being photographed again 40 days later and placed in aquariums properly separated by communities. These new photos are immediately placed in an online page where our distributors may choose the fishes one by one. This service is virtually unique in the world, and allows the customers, even away from Amazon, choose the fishes they want. That’s the goal, and this year, we will have cameras pointed to the several aquariums, thus allowing that the distributors can observe live and can shoot the fishes they see in the aquariums. We believe in innovation and in the easiest way for the distributors choose the fishes they actually want to buy. For each country, these conditions will be only available to VIP Distributors and Exclusive Distributors of Santarém Discus. All other Distributors can purchase the fishes through the price list.

Choice of our customers

After photographs placed in albums in internet or by email divided by aquariuns and communities. Ourdistributors choose fish by fish what they intend. Our job is to find them and separates them. Will be the last stage of this  export process  , the quarantine room before being exported .