We consider that food is one of the keys of the health and quality of our fishes. It is very easy for us to collect them and adapt them to a new food. For that we rely on the brand of food for ornamental fish “Tropical”. World’s first brand to manufacture flake food for Discus. After several tests with different dry foods, we consider that Tropical is the brand that offers better quality for fish, with less water pollution. In a partnership since 2010, our fishes are only fed with the different types of food of this brand such as “D Allio Plus”, essentially in flakes and granules, ideal for the quarantine phase and, afterwards, administered several times a week, because its formula contains garlic, very important on the combat to intestinal parasites. We also use “D-50 Plus” in flakes, a basic food, full of essential vitamins such as D-3 and many minerals. The “Gran D-50″, is a food that we give to our fishes daily, it has a high protein content, amino acids and astaxanthin, which promotes the colouring. The zeolite, which is part of this granular, promotes a better digestion to the fishes, fact that doesn’t happen with other brands. I saw many fishes that couldn’t digest the granules, causing a bump in the stomach and causing their death. With the granulated food of Tropical, such a situation never happened over these years. The “Astacolor”, is a flake food which we daily mix in the aliment of our fishes. In addition, it colour-enhances the fishes, particularly the red species and these flakes are absorbed in a voracious manner by the fishes.

The new “Gran Discus Wild” it’s the great novelty and the first food for Wild Discus, and it is, naturally, one of the best food for Hybrid Discus due to its characteristics. We can consider that the Santarém Discus had a share in the preparation of this new food formula. The various foods that wild fish eat have been incorporated over time in this new food. During Interzoo, the World largest Pet Fair, we, along with Tropical, showed to the world, for the first time, this new food. This food will, obviously, be present in the diet of our fishes mixed with the other foods aforementioned.

•  • innovative and exceptional, multi-ingredient food in the form of slowly sinking granules with the addition of algae, krill and fruit; intended for everyday feeding of wild discus and other demanding species of wild-caught fish

•    • thanks to their delicate texture, the granules soften quickly in water and hence are eagerly accepted by wild-caught fish
•    • they contain the following algae: spirulina (Arthrospira platensis), chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) and Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria digitata, referred to as kelp algae
•    • unsaturated fatty acids, protein (rich in essential amino acids) and vitamins from spirulina and chlorella, together with macronutrients and trace elements from kelp algae (including iodine, chromium, selenium and iron) ensure excellent condition, intensive growth and vitality in fish
•    • great share of ingredients of vegetable origin, including algae and fruit, resembles the diet of wild discus
•    • by regular feeding with Tropical Discus Gran Wild you provide your fish with high-dose chlorophyll – green pigment coming from chlorella and spirulina, which are a concentrated source of chlorophyll; chlorophyll inhibits the development of unwanted bacteria in alimentary tract, preventing infections
•    • active substances of garlic and spirulina enhance the immune system
•    • carotenoids, from krill and red pepper among other sources, and the addition of astaxanthin, maintain natural coloration of fish and prevent fading
•    • due to its strengthening properties this food is recommended in feeding fish undergoing quarantine or convalescence and new fish which are getting used to new living conditions

In 2012, on a visit to the Tropical factory in Poland, we could witness live the manufacture of food. All components are natural and carefully selected, of an unpaired quality. The visit to the factory was indeed a unique experience. The collaboration with the brand is unconditional, because we know that the fishes, when fed with Tropical food, will have greater health, better colour and bigger vitality. Ideally, after being exported, the fishes should continue to be fed by this brand, with the same types of foods, such as “D-Allio Plus”, “D-50 Plus”, “Gran D-50″, “Astacolor” and now the “Discus Gran Wild” granulated, not to suffer (in case of changes in their diet), since they are accustomed to these foods, from the moment they were collected, out of their environment.

Discus fishes have small stomachs and they make easily the digestion of food, so we recommend the administration of different types of Tropical food throughout the day. Thus, we administer small quantities of food, 4 to 5 times a day.