The collection is usually carefully designed and scheduled in advance through maps. There are several fishing processes conducted both in daylight as by night. Usually there are some fundamental tools. When the fishing is done by night, is used an underwater flashlight, and a “Pulsar” that we know as a small net to catch fishes in aquariums, but in this case, is made by fishermen with an iron hoop and a thick wire, allowing catching the fishes from the front and the water to pass easily. Thus, the fishes remain in the “Pulsar”, but the water doesn’t. In addition to these two tools, a small canoe and several “Basquetas” (plastic container) are essential. By day, they use the same tools, but without the flashlight. We refuse to collect fishes using “Malhadeira” (gill net) or “Tarrafa” (cast net) – large nets, because they end up hurting the fishes. In days of full moon, it is impossible to collect any fishes by night, because there is too much light and, therefore, it is very difficult to capture them. In all collects we try to measure the Ph of the water where the fishes were captured, in order to achieve a more perfect adaptation to our water in the company, so that stress is not felt with the chemical change of water.