Founded in December 2008, exclusively with European investment, Santarém Discus, Ltd exports different species of legal fishes, according and in compliance with the IBAMA list. Specialized in Wild Discus and L fishes, Santarém Discus, Ltd has three distinct sections, namely, quarantine, export room and the stock room, in a total of more than 50,000 liters of water, running in independent sumps. The water well, works with an activated carbon filter, with daily change of water in all filter system. Various analysis of the water are made monthly by an institute in Belém to scientifically prove the quality of it. The well has the authorization of the Ministry of Environment, through SEMA .  Santarém, and is also certificated and controlled by an officially geologist recognized by the State of Pará. Santarém Discus, Ltd. attempts to innovate the processes of filtering and control them through the most sophisticated technology forms in the world, with PH meters, No2, No3, Ammonia and Conductivity, where parameters are sent via mobile phone and email, in case of abnormal values. The repose of the fish in the company is paramount for anyone working with fishes caught in their environment. The feeding and observation are taken into account on a daily basis by our staff.

Santarém Discus

It began in a small 50m2 space in 2008, with only 20 aquariums and 10 tanks with a capacity of 800 liters. In 2010 we decided to take a leap, since space is always small for anyone working with ornamental fishes. Thus, through a friend, Luis Costa, who designed the new space, we have today around 300m2 and over 50,000 liters of water. The images witness the growth of this company, which is growing annually both in terms of space as in liters of water. Filtering systems are constantly being changed every year, following the technological developments in this more and more competitive market. Nowadays Santarém Discus has 20 tanks of 800 liters, 60 aquariums of 250 liters and a sump filtration system of around 20,000 liters. In terms of filtering, big changes were made ​​for next season. The entire system of water / Ph / Conductivity / Nº2 and Nº3 is electronically monitorized by automated meters that are controlled through a mobile phone application and by the company computers. Until now, 2014, Santarem Discus is the only export company in the small town of Santarém, Pará, Brazil, but in terms of technology, is probably one of the most advanced company in the world despite being headquartered in Amazonia.


Occupies one third of the company with more than 10,000 liters of water in 4 huge tanks, where the fishes are received coming from the jungle. They stay under observation during 40 days and they pass through various processes of deworming and habituation to the new artificial food based on granules and flakes from Tropical.


Our filtering process consists of two individual sumps of 10 meters long, each one working with two 70,000 l / h pumps. In the two filter systems, the water enters and leaves the system daily in an automated manner passing by an enormous carbon filter before being sent to the sewer, as standard requirement by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture. In the quarantine room, filtering is done individually, through internal filters and sponge filters, tank by tank, as well as in the export room.

Export Room

Is the last “address” of the fishes before being exported. Consists on 12 aquariums of 250 liters each, where the fishes remain a few days before being exported. The fishes are again dewormed for a week, to lose some external parasites such as “Dactylogyrus” very usual in the Discus fishes. Thus, the fishes can make long journeys, many of them longer than 78 h without any rate of mortality. The fishes are exported “clean”, breathing slower and consuming less oxygen. Furthermore, without bacteria and parasites, contrary to the great majority of the exported fishes, they keep “clean” during the hours they stay in the bags. These fishes remain in this room for at least a week and stay without food for four days before being packaged.


Temperature 27ºC to 29ºC

Ph 6.4 -6.8

Conductivity 90 microsiemans


From here begins the contact and communication with our fishermen, to whom we supplied computers (in communities with internet signal) for them to be able to contact us. Communication with customers is an essential tool, and that’s why we try to have all technology possible and available, in our computers and server. Through Skype, Facebook Chat , Whatsapp and email, we are permanently in contact with our importers.